Getting to Know the Concrete Advancement Foundation

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On this episode of Tennessee Concrete Conversations, host Alan Sparkman is joined by Julia Garbini, Executive Director at the Concrete Advancement Foundation. With over 30 years of experience in concrete, Julia discusses how the Concrete Advancement Foundation is working to advance the industry and support concrete professionals. 

The Concrete Advancement Foundation, originally known as the RMC Research & Education Foundation, changed its name just this past week and is excited to share its new vision and branding. The Foundation works to create a positive impact on the ready mix concrete industry through unified industry action. In this episode, Julia and Alan discuss the major themes at the forefront of the Foundation’s work and why now is such a pivotal time for the industry. The two share insights about the importance of focusing on sustainability and workforce initiatives, and Julia discusses how the Foundation is working to invest in concrete research and education. Julia provides listeners with a look into how the Foundation is taking a unique approach to addressing workforce issues by bridging the gap between skateboarding and the concrete industry. Catch the episode to learn more about what’s in store for the Concrete Advancement Foundation this year!

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