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ACI 332 Residential Driveway Initiative: We NEED YOUR HELP!

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Please help TCA get this message out by connecting us with your local Homebuilders Association!

TCA's Technical Committee has been actively working on this initiative for the past few months and has produced a document that summarizes the requirements of ACI 332 related to concrete driveways in our state. Here's a direct link to the document on the TCA website: docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/aebb7d_cf3a0b5434e745aabe454d9314b38d79.pdf


An important component of this initiative is communicating this information to residential homebuilders. So far, TCA has presented this topic to homebuilders associations in Clarksville, Johnson City, and Knoxville, with a presentation scheduled for the Kingsport group in early August. We are asking for your help in getting TCA on the program with your local homebuilders association - please contact Alan Sparkman to work on dates with your local homebuilders. 


The TCA Technical Committee recently met to do testing on typical mixes used for residential driveways as well as testing for mixes that meet the requirements of ACI 332. Results from this testing should be completed near the middle of July and we plan to include this data in future presentations. Links to additional information relating to the proper finishing practices and common driveway problems are also being added to the resource page on the TCA website. 


Please help TCA get this message out by connecting us with your local Homebuilders Association!


The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) has included a requirement for ACI Adhesive Anchor Installation Certification in the eighth edition of its Load and Resistance Factor Design Bridge Design Specifications.

As noted in article 5.13.4—Installation, the requirement states, “Unless owner-supplied installation requirements are more stringent, the contract documents shall require compliance with the provisions of ACI 318-14 article 17.8 as applicable to the type of anchor being installed.”

ACI 318-14, Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete,, states that, “Installation of adhesive anchors horizontally or upwardly inclined to support sustained tension loads shall be performed by personnel certified by an applicable certification program. Certification shall include written and performance tests in accordance with the ACI/CRSI Adhesive Anchor Installer Certification program, or equivalent.”

COOL STUFF: Cold Weather Tips from the TCA Technical Committee

Understanding temperature, both ambient and concrete, are critical during hot and cold weather. When the daily ambient temperature falls below 40 degrees F, you need to know what to do. These tips were prepared for both the ready mixed concrete producer and the concrete contractor (finisher) for use as a reference.

NRMCA's Build With Strength Campaign And You!

NRMCA HAS LAUNCHED the Build with Strength Campaign to increase awareness of concrete as THE building material of choice in regards to: 

  • Standing the Test of Time

  • Safety and Strength

  • Simple to Use

  • It's Sustainable

  • It's Value Lasts

Their new website at http://buildwithstrength.com/strength/ also has a free concrete project design and technical assistance page. Assistance is available through the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association’s Design Center. The Design Center can assist you in choosing the right concrete solution for a wide variety of projects, from multi-family residential/mixed use to industrial and health care facilities.

NRMCA’s expert team of engineers and architects are available to help you select the most appropriate concrete system, including:

  • Concrete frame and post-tension flat plate systems

  • Voided slab systems

  • Insulating concrete forming (ICF) systems

  • Tilt-up concrete wall systems

Stop by and visit their page today! 

Build With Strength
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ACI 562 Repair Code Portal

The ACI Code Requirements for Evaluation, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Concrete Buildings (ACI 562) is the first code specifically for repairing reinforced concrete.

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