Membership Information

The Tennessee Concrete Association (TCA) is a nonprofit organization established in 1986 to serve the ready mixed concrete industry in Tennessee. Membership dues are based on the calendar year.

Ready Mix Producer

PRODUCER MEMBERS are ready-mix producers.

Dues are determined by the number of trucks and plants owned.

  • Dues are $164.00 per each licensed ready mixed concrete truck, plus $99.00 per plant location in Tennessee. (Note: All plants and trucks must be reported – no partial memberships are accepted)

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ASSOCIATE MEMBERS include admixture, aggregate, cement, fiber and fly ash.

Dues for Associate Members are determined by the amount of sales to the concrete industry in Tennessee.

  • Dues Calculation: $1000 plus (.0015 x Annual sales to all Tennessee concrete producers)

    NOTE: Maximum reportable sales are $4,433,333 annually – if your Tennessee sales exceed this amount you do not have to report actual sales volume.

    Total Maximum Dues $7,650.

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AFFILIATE MEMBERS consist of any other company involved in the concrete industry. Dues are varied.

  • Trucks & Equipment  $950
    • Concrete Batch Plants, Loaders, Tires, Truck Supplies, Mixers, Plant Equipment

  • Business Services $950
    • General Business, Financial Services

  • Material Supplier  $950
    • Sealers, Chemicals, Color Supplies, Additives

  • Construction Equipment  $950
    • For Concrete Work, Finishing Tools, ICF’s

  • Concrete Services  $950
    • Concrete Pumping, Material Hauling, PreCast, Polishing & Grinding, Prestressed Services

  • Engineering Firms and Testing Labs   $765
  • Architects  $320
  • Concrete Installers  $495
    • Companies doing any kind of concrete installation

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