Technical Information

Concrete Driveways

Installing a driveway for a homeowner? Local residential building codes in Tennessee offer little guidance, so TCA has answers.

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What to know BEFORE you apply deicer to your concrete...

TCA recently conducted research showing that allowing deicing salts containing magnesium chloride (an ingredient in most commercial de-icing products to penetrate into concrete can cause SERIOUS damage to your concrete. How can this damage be minimized and the life of your concrete extended? Not surprisingly, limiting the amount of deicing salts that enter the concrete greatly reduces the damage.

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Weather Tips

Understanding temperature, both ambient and concrete, are critical during hot and cold weather. When the daily ambient temperature falls below 40 degrees F, you need to know what to do. These tips were prepared for both the ready mixed concrete producer and the concrete contractor (finisher) for use as a reference.

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