Fall 2023 Look Forward for the Concrete Industry


On this episode of Tennessee Concrete Conversations, host Alan Sparkman takes listeners through what 2023 has looked like for the concrete industry so far, and what’s next to come. Overall, the concrete industry has once again seen a lot of growth and positive trends this year, with record level production statistics and performance rates. Alan highlights important industry statistics, data and insights so you can stay in the know and make the most of your efforts moving forward. 

Alan shares how Tennessee has had three record level years in a row for concrete production – an extremely noteworthy accomplishment and achievement for the industry. Tennessee has also been outperforming within the concrete and construction markets in the US, which gives the industry a positive outlook for the rest of the year. Alan also explains how supply chain issues have been relatively quiet in comparison to 2022 and concrete deliveries have been easier to schedule. He then notes how the transition from Type 1 to Type 1L Cement appears to not be causing too many problems for TN concrete professionals and TCA members.

Next, Alan walks through project and industry trends that members should be on the lookout for, like a rise in multifamily housing and bumps in transportation construction. Alan ends the episode with TCA updates, sharing important information about upcoming workforce development projects and member events. From the launch of Be Pro Be Proud TN to the Annual TCA Foundation Golf Tournament, members have lots to look forward to (and put on their calendars!).

Catch the episode to learn more!