Level up. Stand out. Create your future.

What is it? 
An all new game for high school students to learn more about the concrete industry and construction careers. The game includes four levels, each covering important and practical concrete content. 

Why should I play?
To stand out to future employers and secure a job – you’ll earn a special certification with every level you advance to. And not to mention, playing could also win you $200 to Amazon.

How can I start?
Create a Concrete Career Academy Account, and navigate to the Concrete Quest course to start playing. You can download the Rocket Start app to see where you stand against other students. 


  1. Enter in your name & e-mail address
  2. Create a password 
  3. Under "Company Name" write the name of your school 
  4. Select "ConcreteQuest (High School Students Only)" for the first question 
  5. Select "Student" for the second question 
  6. Hit "Sign Up"
  7. Navigate to the "Courses" page
  8. Select "Concrete Quest" to get started – happy gaming!
  9. Once your account is verified, you will receive an email about enrolling into Rocket Start. This app will gamify your progress and allow you to compete with your peers, making you eligible to win prizes!

Apple users: download the app here
Android users: download the app here