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Kevin Baltz & Josh Cornwall to Speak! 

We are excited to announce that two guys who have consistently taken home multiple awards for their artistry and craftsmanship in concrete will be on hand at Week of Concrete for demonstrations and to speak! Kevin Baltz of Baltz and Sons in Memphis. TN, and Josh Cornwall of Dusty & Sons in Spring Hill, TN, will be with us during the week as we use our new garage floor that Josh placed as a canvas for post-coloring demonstrations and MORE! Don't miss these two exciting craftsmen! 


Week of Concrete Schedule:

Monday, November 4th:

8:00-8:40 a.m. Coffee/Network followed by Presentations

Monday morning will be primarily lecture, mostly by David Liguori - pervious contractor from California. David is not your average contractor as he serves on ACI 522 and has long positive experience with installing pervious. He should not be missed!  Afternoon will shift more to demonstrations and David will be demonstrating techniques for polishing pervious concrete (that is not a typo)....

  • Pervious Concrete Lecture and Demo Featuring Mr. David Liguori, Bay Area Pervious Concrete

  • NRMCA Pervious Concrete Installer Exam (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER)

Tuesday, November 5th:

8:00-8:40 a.m. Coffee/Network followed by Presentations

Tuesday will feature morning lecture as well but will include topics on conventional concrete, fiber types and applications, and some pervious. Afternoon will see the completion of the polished pervious process and possibly a pervious concrete placement demonstration using a ‘modern’ pervious mix design that is much easier to place and consolidate than typical mix designs.

  • Pervious Concrete Lecture and Demo (included polishing pervious concrete!)

  • Conventional Concrete Pavement - Amanda Hult, NRMCA

  • Decorative Pervious and Conventional Decorative

  • ACI Flatwork Finisher Exam (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER)

Wednesday, November 6th:

8:00-8:40 a.m. Coffee/Network followed by Presentations

Wednesday will follow the same basic pattern with morning lectures (primarily from TN contractor Kevin Baltz) with afternoon for demonstrations of post coloring techniques.

  • Decorative Concrete (including sealers, polishing, post-coloring and more)

  • ACI Decorative Concrete Finisher Exam (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER)

Thursday, November 7th:


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All Week Pass $125

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