Supply Chain Update

TCA continues to monitor the concrete supply situation in Tennessee. This is an evolving situation and it will be changing on a week to week basis. TCA will continue to monitor and present information to help ready mix suppliers and their customers work through these supply constraints.

Rain last week eased some of the most severe situations as the production of ready mixed concrete slowed somewhat in response to the rain. The outlook for this week remains similar to the past two weeks, with a slight improvement in some areas.

Across the state, East TN continues to see cement allocations at 80 to 85% of normal, with Middle TN reporting similar conditions. West TN appears to be operating at or near normal capacity for now but allocations may become more prominent there in coming weeks.

The importance of regular communication between contractors and ready mix producers is paramount. Ready mix producers are facing daily challenges to get their allocations of portland cement to their ready mix plant locations in a manner that best allow them to service all of their customers and their projects. Once bulk cement has been unloaded into a ready mix plant silo there is no practical way for a ready mix producer to move that cement to another plant location. To make the best decisions, ready mix producers will be relying on timely and honest communications from their customers about their concrete needs and schedules on a project by project basis. This creates extra work for all parties but also offers the best path forward for all concerned.

Stay tuned for more information each week.