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PODCAST: Workforce development + transportation: an inside look

On this episode of Tennessee Concrete Conversations, host Alan Sparkman is joined by Kent Starwalt, Executive Vice President of the TN Road Builders Association. Kent is a longtime ally and partner of TCA, and shares his valuable insights on workforce development and Tennessee’s new infrastructure program, making this an extremely timely episode.

Alan and Kent begin by discussing the Be Pro Be Proud program, which allows students to engage with trades through hands-on experiences, educational opportunities and construction equipment demonstrations. Together, they explain how his program helps workforce development, and allows organizations like TCA and TN Road Builders Association to connect with and educate younger demographics. Then, they discuss the Governor’s new infrastructure program, which aims to support urban areas by addressing traffic congestion and transportation issues. Further, they share their thoughts on the relationship between this new program and the construction and concrete industries.

Listen now, and make sure to follow along for a podcast about all things concrete with a focus on the great state of Tennessee.