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PODCAST: The Intersection Between Workforce, Technology and Sustainability

On this episode of Tennessee Concrete Conversations, TCA Executive Director Alan Sparkman is joined by Wes Blalock – General Manager at Blalock Ready Mix. Wes manages ready mix, building materials and logistics, and joins the podcast to share his insights on the industry.

The two begin by discussing workforce issues within the concrete industry. Wes shares the need for more drivers, and how the number of residents versus visitors in his county creates a unique infrastructure situation for companies like Blalock. Together, they express the difficulties that come along with navigating the tourism industry, and solving the labor puzzle. Next, they discuss cross training, and how technology can be used to make jobs in the concrete industry not only easier, but more appealing too. From concrete testing to customer data, the two talk about how technology is transforming the industry. Lastly, Alan and Wes touch on sustainability, and how new rules surrounding it can impact everything from quality control to driver training.

Listen now, and make sure to follow along for a podcast about all things concrete with a focus on the great state of Tennessee.

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