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PODCAST: The Competitive Edge of Concrete Pavements & Parking Lots

On this episode of Tennessee Concrete Conversations, host Alan Sparkman is joined by Amanda Hult – Senior Director of Local Paving for NRMCA. Hult brings her more than 11 years of experience with NRMCA to the podcast, discussing the benefits of using concrete pavements to improve everything from local temperatures to safety and accessibility.

Together, Alan and Amanda begin by walking through the design and competitive marketing side of concrete. They share the many opportunities that concrete brings for producers and contractors, like energy conservation and market growth. Amanda brings in her own lens and perspective when discussing the safety benefits of using concrete. She goes on to explain how concrete’s light reflective qualities can help people feel safer at night when walking around or going somewhere alone. This episode is packed full of helpful information to help anyone in the concrete industry know how to better market concrete paving, and discuss its many benefits to prospect clients.

Have questions for Amanda? You can reach her here:

‭(720) 648-0323‬

Listen now, and make sure to follow along for a podcast about all things concrete with a focus on the great state of Tennessee.

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