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PODCAST: Bringing an Economic Lens to the Construction Conversation

On our latest episode of Tennessee Concrete Conversations, host Alan Sparkman, executive director of the Tennessee Concrete Association, is joined by Kathryn Thompson, founding partner and CEO of Thompson Research Group– an equity research and advisory firm focused on the construction industry. Kathryn shares her insights and expertise on how the construction industry, and specifically the concrete industry, have been impacted by inflation, and what’s in store for the industry throughout the rest of 2022.

Both Alan and Kathryn discuss raw material and energy prices, and what these numbers mean for Tennessee. Kathryn brings industry trends and rates to the discussion, like an increase in renovations rather than new construction, to provide context and perspective on the situation. Throughout this episode, both experts hypothesize and explore how exactly these economic factors will impact everyone in the construction industry, and how industry leaders can navigate these changes.

Listen now, and make sure to follow along for a podcast about all things concrete with a focus on the great state of Tennessee.

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