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Concrete Supply Chain Update

Ready mix concrete producers continue to deal with supply constraints for portland cement. This issue is nearly certain to continue throughout the summer of 2022, especially as demand levels ramp up with the construction season.

Cement supplies throughout the Southeast are very tight and cement producers are operating with essentially no inventories. The extent of the shortages will vary from week to week, depending on weather and overall levels of demand. Some producers reported slightly better cement availability for the coming week but the availability of portland cement and thus ready mixed concrete will continue to be constrained so communication between contractors and their ready mix suppliers remains vital to navigating these supply constraints.

Middle Tennessee producers will also be keeping a close eye on sand supplies in the next few weeks due to lock closures on the Cumberland River. These closures were anticipated and scheduled in advance so there is inventory in place that should allow ready mix producers to meet demand for concrete sand. However, this is one more variable that will impact ready mix production schedules in the near term.

TCA will continue to monitor this situation and post updates as they occur. Again - we strongly encourage all ready mix customers to emphasize communication and advance scheduling of ready mix concrete with your suppliers.

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