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Concrete Supply Chain Issues in Tennessee

The ready mixed concrete industry is experiencing unprecedented issues with obtaining the necessary raw materials to produce ready mixed concrete, especially with Portland cement, but other critical materials such as admixtures, aggregate and fly ash are also experiencing supply challenges in many areas of our state.

Our ready mix members across the sate – from East to West – are experiencing cement allocations. This means they can only obtain a finite amount of Portland cement, regardless of who their cement supplier may be as this is an industry-wide issue. In turn, ready mix producers can only supply a finite amount of ready mixed concrete each week.

There are a number of other factors contributing to these supply constraints and we feel that these issues will be with us throughout the remainder of 2022. In light of this, we strongly encourage concrete customers to work closely with their ready mix suppliers to determine what is realistic in terms of scheduling and supply in your local area.

Some ready mix producers may be adopting a shorter work week as well as taking other measures to deal with the limited amount of materials they can obtain. Again, it is critical that concrete customers communicate openly and honestly with their ready mix supplier to ensure that your concrete needs can be met.


Alan Sparkman, CAE, LEED AP

Executive Director

Tennessee Concrete Association

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