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A Deep Dive Into Exterior Concrete – Driveways, Residential Projects & More

On this episode of Tennessee Concrete Conversations, host Alan Sparkman takes a look into exterior concrete, covering everything from concrete codes to mixes and how they impact outdoor projects.

Alan discusses the exterior concrete process from start to finish, explaining what you need to order, what codes you need to keep in mind and what mixes are needed to protect concrete from outdoor damage. He then walks through how to communicate with contractors and pay attention to important details like moisture loss, proper jointing and de-icing chemicals. Alan provides industry resources, best practices and important guidelines to help you produce outstanding and durable outdoor concrete projects. After listening to this episode, you’ll know exactly how to successfully implement exterior concrete projects in no time!

Listen now, and make sure to follow along for a podcast about all things concrete with a focus on the great state of Tennessee.

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