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ACI Certifications

ACI Tilt-Up Technician Supervisor Exam

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ACI will grant certification only to those applicants who obtain a passing grade on the written examination, possess five years (7500 hours) of verifiable construction experience, three years (4500 hours) of which must be experience in tilt-up construction. Of those 4500 hours of tilt-up work experience, 2000 hours must be supervisory experience in the following specific areas; the number of hours required in each category is shown beside in parentheses:

Safety, Communications, and Procedures (100)
Planning and Scheduling (200)
Structural Systems (100)
Site Preparation and Foundations (100)
Slabs on Grade (160)
Forming and Layout (240)
Concrete Properties and Placement (440)
Erection and Bracing (440)
Panel Finishes and Finishing Buildings (220)

Questions? Contact Darla at or call (615) 360-7393

Concrete Wall

2023 Exam Dates

January 26 – Nashville, TN

January 31 – Louisville, TN

Feb. 16 – Nashville, TN

Feb. 28 – Louisville, TN

March 21 – Louisville, TN

April 13 – Nashville, TN

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