Presenting the 2015 Concrete Design Award Winners


2015 Best Concrete Artisan-Grand Champion

Huey’s Restaurant- Germantown
Memphis Ready Mix
Baltz & Sons Concrete, LLC


Another collaboration with Traditional Construction, Baltz & Sons Concrete was tapped to refurbish the entry vestibule and outer patio for this iconic Memphis restaurant chain. Originally constructed as a bank, the entire site was heavily re-configured to accommodate the “ corner bar “ layout that has become Huey’s restaurant staple design. Baltz cleaned and resurfaced the entry vestibule with pigmented concrete, using a self-leveling flowable mix so as to produce a super smooth and level surface. This was critical for the subsequent stages where Baltz & Sons’ artist used a CNC engraving device to layout a template of the restaurant’s trademark logo.

After hours of careful hand-work, a beautiful rendition of the restaurant’s name and logo are now engraved into the entryway.

Baltz then turned their artistry to the new outer patio dining area. Originally a drive-thru teller area for the former bank, the new patio was installed using a lightly exposed white limestone/ white sand mix so as to produce an adequate canvas for the subsequent “ribbons” that were carved in and pigmented. Baltz selected a range of colors for the ribbons, using this element to tie together the original brick color of the building with the materials used for the new construction.

Best Finishing - Residential Decorative Exterior


McNeece Project- Transforming the steps


Dusty & Sons Concrete, LLC.



Dusty & Sons Concrete, LLC was approached by the McNeece family in Columbia, TN to see if we could help jazz up the entry way into their home. The existing sidewalk and steps were made from old stones. After looking at our picture profile book, and looking at some samples the homeowner ave us a few ideas, then gave us a lot of artistic freedom on the job.


First Dusty & Sons Concrete, LLC had to remove a few steps, but mainly they capped the existing sidewalk and steps with 4 inches of concrete. The concrete was supplied by IMI using a 2 inch line pump mix. The concrete was pumped with a line pump about 150 feet. Placing the concrete was a careful process, as it was important that concrete did not get on the house. It was tricky forming the steps, with some of the steps being longer than 12 feet, and having to drill the holes to drive stakes in to hold them. The existing rock walls were also a little challenging in forming around them. A slate texture form liner was placed on the steps, and the surface of the concrete was textured with slate texture.


Borders were cut around the edges, designs where cut in it, and stones were also cut into the concrete. In fact the sone lines were sealed before the acid stain color was applied so the lines would look more like gray grout lines. Then, the customer wanted all of the stones to be individual colors. Dusty & Sons Concrete, LLC used all of the acid stain colors, and then combined many to create different colors.


After, everything was tediously stained, cleaned off and sealed the outcome was great. The homeowners were in love with it, and booked another job at their house with Dusty & Sons Concrete, LLC in 2015!


Best Pervious Concrete - Commercial


Andrew Jackson Home

Williamson Co. Ready Mix

Dusty & Sons Concrete, LLC.



Dusty & Sons Concrete, LLC was asked by a contractor to bid some concrete footings under the paver sidewalks at the Andrew Jackson Home in Nashville, TN. After looking at the plans there was some pervious concrete that was also added onto the plans. So, they talked to the contractor about bidding all of the concrete for the Andrew Jackson Home. Dusty & Sons tried many different ways and methods to get the appearance of pea rock gravel to meet everyone’s approval. Williamson County Ready Mix supplied the concrete for the job.


In placing the concrete under the soldier course of the paver sidewalk, many obstacles were faced. The weather turned really cold, and most of the concrete had to have blankets placed on it. All of the concrete was either placed with a wheel barrow or bobcat, and was placed in about 300 linear feet sections. Also, another subcontractor was not keeping up on his timeline in removing some concrete and hauling off some dirt; because of this Dusty & Sons was contracted to help do some of this work to keep the whole project moving forward.


Some challenges that were faced with the pervious concrete included that it had to be placed with a Georgia buggy about 300 feet away from where the concrete truck could maneuver. Then, integral color was mixed in with the concrete. Plastic was placed over the concrete to let it cure, and because the sidewalk was curved, the overlaps in the plastic made tiger stripes on the concrete which was a color variation in the appearance. So, to fix that, Dusty & Sons put some of Clemons Concrete sealer on the concrete to make the concrete look uniform. Time management also became a challenge as every time there was excavation to be done archeologist were called in to sift through the soil for artifacts.


Finally,by the time the job was done, Dusty & Sons Concrete, LLC’s contract had grown larger because of their work ethic and ability to get things done. They placed 2500 linear feet of footing under the soldier course pavers, hauled off old concrete and dirt, placed about 20 yards of integral colored pervious concrete, and placed some pea rock gravel over some existing trails to clean up the area.

Best Pervious Concrete - Residential


Hopkins Pervious Driveway

Memphis Ready Mix

Baltz & Sons Concrete, LLC


This is another example of selecting the right material for the job. This large driveway threaded alongside a mature tree-line on a heavily wooded lot, where the trees were a critical component of the homes character and appeal. The clients, having grown weary of the pervious gravel driveway, wanted a rigid driveway material, but were adamant that the trees not be harmed. John Griffen, a local designer, tapped Kevin Baltz, of Baltz & sons, to implement a tree-friendly hardscape of pervious concrete. To add some character and beauty to what can be considered a more utilitarian finish; Griffen designed a series of cobblestone bands throughout the driveway, as well as the entry inlet and central detail. Baltz installed a series of strategically positioned notched voids in the pervious pavement, and had Travis Nabors Masonry install the beautiful cobblestone bands and inlet- a material that was reclaimed and re-purposed for this application. The end result is a beautiful mix of old and new materials that blends seamlessly with the setting, all with virtually no hardscape footprint in terms of the impact on the surrounding venue.


Best Precast


Wolf Creek Bridge US25/70

Ready Mix USA

Bell & Associates Construction L.P.


The Wolf Creek Bridge over the French Broad River and Norfolk Southern Railroad in Cocke County, TN, is a five span, reinforced concrete spandrel arch bridge. The bridge was designed by  the Sate of Tennessee in 1925 and constructed in 1926. The bridge is 629’-6” long and consist of five arched spans. Its historical significance, scenic setting and strong aesthetic appeal merited TDOT’s decision to invest nearly $9 million in an extensive renovation of the bridge.

The bridge is a vital link to several small communities between Tennessee and North Carolina. A primary challenge was the construction and maintenance of a haul road to provide access for equipment and personnel and to  facilitate demolition operations and the containment of debris.


Bell utilized a LIDAR Scanner to perfectly document the existing bridge. This allowed us to replicate architectural features, dimensions of the structural components, and elevations of the existing bridge. The new bridge was designed and constructed with the highest quality in mind.

Accuracy in the As-Built: ground-based LiDAR or “laser scanning” was utilized for the as-built drawings, allowing us visualize each element of the structure. The data gave us exact measurements and allow us to line up the sub-structure. The laser scanner provided more than 21 million points of data.


Obstacle 1: Cherokee National Forest on one end had limited access. Solution: Bell planned accordingly and scheduled all materials to access the site from the other side.


Obstacle 2: Spans 1 through 3 were constructed over a haul road that was built into the French Broad River. It is important to note that the French Broad River drains approximately 1700sq miles of mountains in both NC and TN. The project was at high risk of increased water volumes because the river levels would rise quickly from rain events as far as 60 miles away. This resulted in multiple overtopping events through construction. Solution: Bell built gabion baskets and chain link fence to confine the rock during these rain events. 48’’ and 54’’ the haul road to reduce impedance of flow.


Obstacle 3: Span 4 was over the river channel and were unable to shore reconstruction of the arch installation of precast because the lengths of the arch pours were decreased. It 4 was difficult to move and contain concrete debris during demolition of span 4. Solution: Platforms were constructed to suspend from arch. this allowed us to contain debris and provide access from demolition personnel and equipment.


Obstacle 4:  Span 1 was over an active Norfolk Southern Railroad, where multiple trains passed through daily. Work had to be stopped during the presence of the train. In addition, the terrain was rugged and steep adjacent to the track. Solution: personnel, material and equipment had to be lowered down with a crane. And smaller equipment had to be utilized to maneuver around the area.

Best Roller Compacted Concrete


Lentz Public Health Center


Four Star Paving, Gresham, Smith and Partners


The Lentz Public Health Center is a public/ private building partnership between the City of Nashville’s Metro Public Health Department and the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). The original design of the parking lot called for asphalt pavement. However, to enhance the LEED Silver certification, the architects and engineers switched to a roller compacted concrete pavement( RCCP). The general contractor on this project was Bell/ICF. Four Star Paving had been contracted to place the asphalt and had never been involved in a RCCP job prior to this. This was also the first time that the City of Nashville had used RCCP. IMI was able to educate the key players and helped facilitate a plan to move forward on the project.


RCCP is typically used where there are heavy loads, such as semi traffic or large industrial equipment. This project was different in that aspect because sustainability was more important rather than its strength. RCCP resists freeze and thaw cycle damage that would require normal pavement to be patched and replaced every few years.


The methods used to test and place RCCP, as well as monitoring moisture and aggregates are all very different from regular concrete. The key was educating and following the Best Practices for this project, since this was the first use of RCCP in the Metro Nashville/ Davidson County area. IMI supplied Four Star Paving with 3,000 yards of RCCP for this project. The biggest obstacle during this pavement was testing, moisture ratings, and adjusting for the ambient temperature because the temperature would rise drastically from early morning thru mid day with temperatures exceeding 90.


Best Specialty Concrete Project


Lake Loudoun Plaza/ Pat Summitt Feature Wall

Ready Mix USA

Blount Contractors, Inc.

Merit Contractors, Inc.



The “Pat Summitt Plaza” on the University of Tennessee Knoxville campus includes a cast-in-place concrete “ Feature Wall” that retains a hillside supporting a Parking Garage above, while creating the backdrop for a bronze statue of the legendary basketball coach of the Lady Volunteers. This wall also multi-curves, slopes, and batters as it rises from a height of 12 feet at its south end to a maximum of over 22 feet near its center.


Using a concept borrowed from wooden boat builders, BLOUNT CONTRACTORS, Inc. ( subcontractor to GC Merit Construction, Inc.) devised a formwork system of rectangular wooden boxes, inside of which were a series of ribs and struts that conformed to the required curvatures of the wall. Faced with plywood, the panels were crane-set in place and then faced again with an FRP liner to provide a smooth casting surface.


BC was greatly assisted in the engineering of this formwork by Gates & Sons of Denver, Colorado. Utilizing 3D-modeling software and designer’s CAD files, Gates derived the geometry of each of approximately 60 plywood ribs,then cut them out on a computer- controlled router table, from where they were shipped “ just-in-time” to BC’s Alcoa, TN shop for Final Fabrication.


The concrete for this project was furnished by Ready Mix USA of Knoxville. The mix was integrally colored to precise standards, and delivered in small batches timed to allow continuous placement without exceeding the design pour rates of the formwork. After form removal the exposed wall surfaces were sandblasted to achieve their final texture.


This project serves as a lasting tribute to Coach Summitt and as a wonderful example of cast-in-place concrete’s versatility as both a structural and architectural material, with no limitation to geometric possibilities.


Best Concrete Home


Pennington Property

Williamson Co. Ready Mix

Dusty & Sons Concrete, LLC.


Dusty & Sons Concrete, LLC was contracted by the Pennington family about ding all the concrete work on their new house in College Grove, TN. They placed a bid on doing footings, poured walls, water proofing, garage slabs, basement slab, porches, and two retaining walls. Williamson County Ready Mix supplied all of the concrete on the job, and 3 separate Premier pump trucks were used on the job.


This house was about 6,000 square feet with a lot of corners. The cast in place poured walls had to be broken up in two pours due to how big the foundation was and how many corners the house had. Once all of the walls were poured, large amounts of rain came while trying to get the garage and basement slabs poured. The porches were colored with integral color concrete using Solomon color, and they were finished with a sponge finish on the surface. The porches looked like some old Spanish tile color. Also, with the porch capped it made it a safe room with everything being poured concrete.


Dusty & Sons Concrete, LLC placed approximately 250 yards of concrete in the job without any driveway. In the end foundation worked out great, and the homeowners where very happy with their solid foundation.


Best Finishing – Commercial Decorative


Second Line Restaurant Patio & Bar

Memphis Ready Mix

Baltz & Sons Concrete, LLC


This spectacular project was especially rewarding in tat the developers granted a large degree of creative autonomy to Kevin Baltz & Sons Concrete when they asked him to develop a design for a new restaurant they were developing in Overton Square in Memphis. The new restaurant, Chef Kelly English’s “ The Second Line”, has a heavy New Orleans theme- as an extension of this, Baltz developed a courtyard patio that would capture the character of the historic French Quarter, installing stamped concrete featuring old world cobblestone and seamless slate patterns, as well as a custom-scored recreation of the restaurant’s logo. A raised patio features a hand-scored Harlequin pattern with whimsical decorative wall patterns that bring Mardi Gras to mind. Baltz also created custom decorative “ cocktail tables” that also double as supports for the overhead patio light strings. A second phase included installing a two-tiered concrete bar-top with custom pigmentation and finishing techniques. French Quarter inspired “ wrought-iron” scrolls and fluer-de-lis icons grace various locations throughout the project, adding character and interest to the overall design. The front patio was also enlarged and includes a seamless slate finished on what looks like large slabs of stone. Special thanks to Designer Jackie Glisson, and contractor Traditional Construction.


Best Finishing – Commercial Winner 1


SofTNer Warehouse


Bowman’s Works


Bowman’s Works began this project in November, 2013. Like most projects the weather played a large part of the construction process. The footer and slab on grade were performed thru the winter months. The tilt up walls were completed in May 2014. In addition to the warehouse construction there were two bridges constructed for deliveries     and the building entrance. there were several subs that played a part in this project and that alone can offer some challenges but in the end the owners were handed the keys to a very appealing building that went very smooth.


Best Finishing – Commercial  Winner 2


Comfort Inn- Pulaski

Mid South Concrete Inc.

New South Concrete


The Comfort Inn in Pulaski wanted to enhance the outside appearance to its customers. Mr. Mayuer Patel (owner) hired New South Concrete (Greg Lunn & Tommy Campbell) to remove old asphalt, replace and with 3000 psi concrete, design new curb & new flower beds with stamped concrete, new stamped entrance, patio area, pool area, improved lighting at night and all of this was done in such a manner to limit customer inconveniences. Total concrete was approximately 1200yds.


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