Presenting the 2014 Concrete Design Award Winners


2014 Grand Champion/Architect/Engineer - Commercial Building


Music City Center


    Metro Ready Mix

    Metro Nashville Development & Housing Agency

    Tuck Hinton Architects

    Ceco Concrete

    Bell & Associates


Nashville’s newest icon, The Music City Center, broke ground o March 22, 2010. This facility is an astonishing 2.1 million square feet and spans over six (6) blocks soaring over one hundred and fifty (150) feet high at its peak with 350,000 square feet of exhibit hall expanding approximately eight (8) acres. The guitar shaped roof supports 14 different types of vegetation spanning over four (4) acres as well as providing an excellent fly-over. This building also has a three (3) level parking garage with one thousand eight hundred (1800) parking spaces and is on track for silver level LEED certification.


This structure contains over 110,000 cubic yards of concrete. All of the structural concrete was placed in a thirteen (13) month schedule. Most of theis concrete is 4000psi and 5000psi strengths with specialty applications of lightweight concrete on parking ramps and drive lanes to be abrasive resistant and reduce wear.


One of the challenges of this job was logistics and multiple pour locations with one concrete pour lasting fifty three (53) hours. Another challenge was a continuous pour for a 360,000 gallon water collection tank used for irrigation.


The grand opening for the Music City Center was May 19, 2013.

Architect/Engineer – Non-Building Structure


Wolf River Boulevard Connector


    West TN Ready Mix

    Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.

    City of Germantown

    Chris-Hill Construction Company, LLC

    WMC Contracting Company


The final segment of Wolf River Boulevard consists of approximately two miles of four lane roadway with shoulders and bike lanes, two bridges with protected pedestrian crossings, five oversized reinforced concrete box culverts to encourage critter crossing, one pedestrian underpass, and two new traffic signals.  Construction of this final segment began in March 2011 and was completed in September 2013.  Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR) provided construction engineering and inspection services for the City of Germantown.


The Wolf River Blvd. Connector project elected to pursue certification in the Audubon International Silver Signature Program.  This program strives to blends wildlife habitat conservation, water use efficiency and water quality preservation, and other areas of environmental protection with human use of the project.  In August 2013, Wolf River Boulevard met the criteria set forth by the signature program and achieved Silver Certification for accomplishments in sustainable design, construction, and management.  This is the first roadway in the world to receive this recognition.


One of the many unique features of this project was the exposed aggregate parapet walls on the bridges.  SSR worked closely with West TN Redi-Mix and the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) on various mix designs that would give us the natural look while not deviating from the TDOT specifications for Class A concrete.  Many test sections were constructed using different concrete mix designs and concrete retarders until one was selected by the City.


Best Pervious Concrete


The Plesher Residence


    Memphis Ready Mix

    Baltz & Sons Concrete


This project demonstrates the ideal role of pervious concrete in a residential setting. The clients made it claer tht they wanted every effort made to protect the existing tree line that ran along the same side of their property where the future driveway would be. They consulted local designers, who pointed them to Baltz & Sons Concrete, given their experience with pervious residential applications. Here again the challenge presented to Baltz was how to make the pervious fit in aesthetically with the grandeur of the home, yet ensure that it was functional in terms of how it impacted the adjacent tree line. Baltz worked a design that incorporated other elements of hardscape - cobblestone borders and flagstone banding, all while creating a water detention format that would accommodate the tree roots and reduce the hardscape “foot print” of the driveway. The end result is a seamless integrated pervious hardscape that fits beautifully with the style and design elements of the home. Concrete supplied by Memphis Ready Mix.


Best Finishing - Commercial


The Island


    Blalock Ready Mix

    Trowel Trades

    Charles Blalock and Sons


The Island is a mix-use development constructed on an island in the middle of the Little Pigeon River in the middle of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The first phase of The Island opened in June 2013 with multiple restaurants, stores, and attractions, including a 200-foot observation wheel.  Future plans for development include additional retail and restaurants, a hotel, and large water feature


The project presented many challenges to construction due to its location on an island.  Three bridges were constructed to access the site, and the entire perimeter of the island was elevated using concrete columns and hollow-core panels to raise the buildings above the river to increase usable space.  The partially-completed project was also sold to a new developer in 2012, resulting in a new site plan that required extensive demolition and additional grading to the island and surrounding property.  During final phases of construction, site congestion and traffic was a major issue as numerous contractors worked to complete the initial phase in limited space during the peak of tourist season.  During the final week of construction, Blalock Ready Mix operated nearly around the clock to supply concrete and precast Redi-Rock to the site.


Since its original ground-breaking, The Island required over 20,000 yards of concrete.  Blalock Ready Mix supplied all of the structural concrete for caissons, foundations, and building slabs.  They also supplied precast Redi-Rock blocks for several segmental retaining walls.  Charles Blalock and Sons constructed all of the concrete roadways, parking lots, lightweight bridge decks, and the mat foundation for the observation wheel.  Extensive decorative concrete for sidewalks and building slabs was all placed by Trowel Trades.  Decorative placements included colored concrete with tinted sealers, stamped concrete, and a custom-designed exposed aggregate mix utilizing 1.5” natural stone.


Best Finishing - Commercial Decorative




    Ready Mix USA

    SMC Commercial LLC

    Falconnier Design Company


The Knoxville Area Rescue Ministry “KARM” courtyard project had been on the table for over a year and with the help of donations we were able to team up together and provide the spacious decorative new courtyard for the over 400 residents of the shelter. SMC provided an aesthetically appealing space by using different finishing techniques, which included four stamp patterns, and five liquid integral colors broken up throughout the project. To help achieve this, keyway was used to control the jointing while giving the look of a solid slab even though pouring against oddly curved structures made it very difficult. SMC would split up the pours in sections and pour in the morning and another in the afternoon so timing was crucial for service and quality. By Ready Mix USA having a liquid color dispenser at the plant they could assist in batching the exact yardage needed for each section so money was not wasted on extra concrete or colored pigment and could be saved for the Ministry. KARM provided nearly 1,000 meals per day, feeding not only the homeless, but also many in crisis who must choose between food and other basic needs.


Best Finishing - Residential Decorative Exterior


The Greenway Project


    Memphis Ready Mix

    Baltz & Sons Concrete

    Peaceful Settings

    Serenity Hardscapes


What started as only a mere wood deck replacement, the Greenway backyard renovation evolved into a much grander project both in scale and scope. A team of three contractors, Peaceful Settings, Serenity Hardscapes, and Baltz & Sons Concrete collaborated to transform the Clients back yard into a much more functional and beautiful entertaining space. This required a near clean sweep of the backyard, as much of the pool decking, wood decks, landscaping and porches were to be removed and reconfigured into an entirely different format. Baltz and Sons oversaw all of the concrete applications which included extensive footings, a recessed concrete vault for the client’s hot tub, a raised decorative stamped and scored cantilevered upper terrace, concrete countertops, stamped steps, poured in place concrete coping, a large stamped deck, a reworking of the front walkways and porches using washed concrete. The end result is a dramatic transformation of the entire outdoor living space, creating a setting of a premiere vacation spot right at home. Concrete supplied by Memphis Ready Mix.


Best Specialty


ORNL 4500 Area Vent Duct Stabilization

Harrison Ready Mix

M&W Drilling


Harrison was contacted by the Environmental Management Program Office (EMPO) at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory about a product that could be utilized for underground duct abandonment. The duct, approximately 1400 feet in length with a volume of around 22,500 cubic feet, needed to be filled and permanently closed. After several discussions about Controlled Low Strength Material to be used, it appeared there were concerns over the unit weight needed for a particular underground section. Harrison met with numerous officials and project managers to further understand their needs only to find a section of underground duct crossed a small creek, and they would not accept any unit weight over 99 pounds cu./ft.

After investigating standard unit weights for CLSM, Harrison contacted their admixture supplier, BASF to aid in designing the material. BASF suggested using Rheocell 30, to “foam” a slurry mix to reduce the unit weight to the requested specifications. Through many trial batches conducted by Harrison we were able to reduce a unit weight of less than 50 pounds per cubic foot.

M&W Drilling started wit a Low Slump CLSM to block small passages in the duct after which the day came to pump the low density cellular fill. Four different pours were conducted consisting of 15 yards per pour to completely fill the duct that crossed over the creek. The project ended successfully, and ORNL was very pleased with Harrison’s ability to provide a solution to the EMPO’s problem with underground abandonment and low unit weight concerns. We feel that we are deserving of the specialty concrete due to innovation used and the success of this project.


Best Concrete Artisan


Bhavaraju Patio


    Memphis Ready Mix

    Baltz & Sons Concrete


This small residential patio afforded Baltz & Sons the opportunity to showcase some of their expert scoring abilities. After installing a seamless slate textured patio, an intricate lotus flower design was hand-scored into the patio, and set apart using a variety of bright pigments that really bring the shape and design to life. Ornamental stamps decorate the perimeter, and a name was added to bring special meaning to the client. Concrete provided by Memphis Ready Mix.


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